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Grow your business with the powerful POS feature, the real time dashboard, which will give you an up to date detail about your stores performance.
The dashboard gives you a fast and easy overview of what is happening in your business at current time.

The dashboard is a great tool designed and developed for retailers on the go, especially to get a quick analysis of their business.

  • Total Sales
  • Department wise sales with percentage selling
  • Sales Summary
  • Top 10 Best Selling Items
  • Sales by Period
  • Hourly Sales
  • Employee Notes
  • Report Manager

    The SunsmartPOS POS system provides a multitude of standard reports which make it easy to monitor and analyze all aspects of a retail. SunsmartPOS reports can be generated to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute data regarding customer sales history, current inventory status, inventory movement, employee performance, purchasing records, overall profitability, and much more.

    All reports may be sent to a printer, displayed on the screen, or saved to PDF, .CSV, or MS Excel file formats which can be further manipulated using a spreadsheet or other software applications. Since SunsmartPOS does not require the purging of transaction history, most transaction reports can be run for any date/time range, past or present.

    SunsmartPOS's unique design and data storage techniques provide easy access to all reports with up-to the-second accuracy. Sales reports can be printed over any period such as daily, weekly or monthly. Whether it's gross profit, sales tax collected, sales commissions, current receivables, or a departmental inventory listing with average cost, price and stock level, SunsmartPOS will give you all the reports you need.

    The aim is to give you the ability to view your sales reports from anywhere in the world and be able to make informed business decisions based on them.

    You need to know what’s going on with your store and SunsmartPOS has over 50 reports, many customizable, that furnish with you the information you need to stay competitive. Compare sales by month and year, watch purchasing trends and cost fluctuations. You will know at a glance how profitable your store is.

    The advance business analytics is all automated for you so that you don’t have to do all the work. Receive insightful data driven from POS to your system within moments.

  • Create report sets that get printed together at the touch of a single button
  • Create new report formats customized to your individual business needs
  • Automatically print reports
  • Auto E-mail Reports
  • Email reports directly from the report manager
  • Export to a variety of formats
  • Perform searches in your report results
  • There is simply no system that offers the reporting power of the Task Manager and SunsmartPOS suite of Software which is why these systems simply lead the market

  • Sales Summary Report
  • Batch Close-Out Report
  • Sales and Taxes Summary
  • Sales By Tender
  • Transaction Log and detail
  • Sales Summary by Day Report
  • Reconcile Credit Card
  • Sales By Hour
  • Sales By Week
  • Sales By Month
  • Sales By Quarter
  • Sales By Year
  • Non-Revenue Amount Detail
  • Day Sales Report (All Register)
  • Department Wise Sales by Register


  • Sales by Item Summary Report
  • Item Sales Summary With Discount
  • Sales Return By Item Report
  • Sales Return Summary
  • Department Sales
  • Category Summary
  • Group Summary
  • Item Sales by Month
  • Parent Child Item Sales Report
  • Sales by Department by Category


  • Purchase Order by Supplier
  • Good Received by Supplier
  • Supplier Item List
  • Reorder List


  • Employee Time Log
  • Login Log-out by Employee
  • Operation Record Log Summary
  • Operation Record Log Detail
  • Income Expenses
  • Cash Drawer Operations Summary
  • Cash Drawer Operations Detail
  • Paid out Detail
  • RF History
  • MSAI Report


  • Item Stock Summary
  • Item Stock Value
  • Zero Stock Item
  • Negative Stock Item
  • Stock Movement Analysis by Quantity
  • Stock movement Analysis by Amount
  • Stock Flow Summary Report
  • Inventory Dead Stock List
  • Item Price Change Log
  • Item Quantity Change Log
  • Item wise Sales with Stock
  • Inventory Management System

    A proper retail management system is critical to the success of any retailer, no matter the size of their business or the type of products they sell. The good news is that this seemingly challenging task doesn’t have to be as complicated as most retailers might think.

    With SunsmartPOS inventory management you can maintain real-time inventory control throughout all channels and locations. Keep stock replenished with automated reordering, forecast inventory through analytics, and leverage vendors and third-parties to fulfill and drop ship orders Track and control your stock by defining minimum and maximum quantities of each item at store level. Get insights through fast, slow and dead stock analysis. SunsmartPOS also lets you manage the inventory across all your stores centrally. Label printing, item card and ABC analysis is also streamlined.

  • Set Minimum/Maximum Levels for Automatic Ordering
  • Barcode Tag Printing: Configure, Edit & Print
  • Automated Ordering by Product, Vendor, Departments, Category or Period Sales
  • Receiving With or Without P.O.
  • Vendor Catalogs can be Imported for Future Ordering
  • Use Handheld Computer for Inventory, Counting, Ordering & Receiving
  • Store Transfers
  • Credit Card System

    In general SUNSMARTPOS supports following two setups

  • Integrated payments
  • POS is integrated with your payment device and payment provider. The amount is automatically displayed on the device. Transaction information reaches back to SUNSMARTPOS and is automatically recorded. This results in streamlined workflow and lower risk of mistakes because of manual data entry.

  • External payment device
  • payment amount is manually entered into the external device. Sales associate must manually enter the transaction details into SUNSMARTPOS . This method is suitable if you want to choose from wider range of payment providers.

    payment amount is manually entered into the external device. Sales associate must manually enter the transaction details into SUNSMARTPOS . This method is suitable if you want to choose from wider range of payment providers.

    Multi store Operation

    SunsamrtPOS Multi-Store Retail Management Software Can Help You Grow Your Business More Efficiently:

    Getting daily reports from all your stores, for e.g. stock and sales reports are very important. Because these reports allow business owners and managers to generate consolidated results on sales performance across the chain.

    Inventory and valuation reports provide you the with the crucial information about where inventory is being distributed. This will help you take quick & critical decisions regarding buying & transferring stock.

  • Easy transition from single to multiple stores at any time
  • Each store runs independently.
  • Manage data locally all controlled via security and configuration settings
  • View (with permission) sales, customers, inventory at any store
  • Manage inter-store transactions, such as returns, transfers transactions
  • Merchandisers can view and manage inventories, purchasing, transfers either centrally or locally.
  • Label Printing Manager

    Once you change the price of a product, a label will print automatically through the hardware, or you can also print labels for multiple items.

    Auto Email Report System

    Every day when batch is closed, a report will be emailed to numerous email accounts and every night selected reports will also be emailed.

    Auto Data Backup

    Make your point of sale data safe and secure

    Included in Retail SunsmartPOS POS Software is an easy to use back up program so you can protect your data. Backing up is important so we give you the tools to do it easy and quick as well as we keep all the data in one data file.

    Auto Batch Closeout

    Batches will closeout automatically based on user set time schedule.

    Replication Database

    The system will replicate (copy original) data into every machine connected though the network. If the server machine shuts down, you can make any machine as the server within minutes. The replication process will secure your data.

    Account Payable

    Accounting Integration

    Mobile App

    RF Terminal

    Register Watchdog

    Loyalty Program

    Multi-item Price Change

    Data Security

    Sales Price Tracker

    Pricing Management

    Commission Management

    Returns Tracking

    Sales Tracking