About SunSmartPOS

SunsmartPOS gives you the clarity, transparency, visibility & Control you need to grow your bussiness.

Here at SunsmartPOS we've been making retail POS software work at it's best since sometime in the early 2014. We keep business owners ahead of the game by innovating the Point of Sale market with a quick, intuitive, and secure Point of Sale system.

Our POS System is truly easy to use, drives sales growth and supplies valuable information to the business intelligence system.

Our point of sale system is total management. A system that you can use to manage and maintain every part of your business from register to back office. It's the point of sale system that makes it easier for you to track the performance of your stock, your money, your staff and your customers.

Now we provide our clients with a complete range of solutions including software, hardware, support and have consistently focused on our original vision of POS Solutions. It has continuously evolved to meet the needs of the marketplace and today we are engaged in every aspect of technology in retail.

SunsmartPOS all in one retail package of Point of sale that handles POS software,automatic invoicing, discounting, loyalty program,security,Billing,Accounting,Stock Management,Employee Management,Barcode Label Printing,Credit Card Solution, Auto Mailing,RF Terminal and much more with the all hardwares integration like POS Terminal,Credit card machine,Label Printer,Receipt Printer, Pole Diaplay,security Camera,Weight Scale,Customer Screen & RF Terminal.

We support, delivering the best solutions to you in a professional and effective way.

Our large programming team is constantly adapting to new challenges and always looking for more.

Compare any system against our point of sale system and see why it is the master of point of sale systems.